Countdown to the Greatest F1 Rivalry?

Lewis Hamilton and NicoRosberg: 

If you are an avid Formula 1 enthusiast, then the events of Spa-Francorchamps Belgium a fortnight ago must still be fresh in your mind. It was probably the other side of Grand Prix that you never knew existed but depending on whom you support, the infamous break up could have been due to anything.

Now consider that Hamilton and Rosberg are driving for one of the most established teams – Mercedes. Consider that they are also just 29 points apart and you know there will be more drama on the track in the remaining 7 races.

Closer Look at the Spa-Francorchamps Crash

It will never be possible to know exactly what ran in the mind of Rosberg when he ran in to his fellow driver. It could be an accident, mechanical problem, momentum, but what remains is that Hamilton has now seen his points drain like water in a leaking bowl since winning in Spain.

The aftermath of the Belgian Grand Prix

Probably what points to every F1 fan that this is not going to be another usual event is what happened after the crash. For starter,s Rosberg who is now 29 points ahead was penalized by the team but FIA saw no reason to interfere.

Truth be said, Hamilton still remains a darling of the fans and if you do not concur, just ask one Alonso. The two drivers were going down to the wire in 2007 at McLaren but it seemed Hamilton was doing everything right. The fans were cheering and it was obvious that Alonso had to walk away from this rivalry after losing to the younger British driver.

Surprisingly, things are heating up at Mercedes with both drivers receiving warnings that they might have to part once the title challenge is over. With Mercedes boss Wolff talking about a different line-up if things do not improve, both drivers now have their work cut out.

If you think that things are going to thaw between the two superstars, think again. In fact, they might just get worse. A close look at their press conference in Monza where Alonso sat between the two is indicative of things to come. Since the incident at the Belgian Prix they have never been this close.

Considering Mercedes must have been doing a lot to get them working together, it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What about that question posed to Hamilton about trust? The answer clearly put it straight that he does not at all trust Rosberg.

The Big Truce, Really?

If you are like every other fan, it is always good to see a fair duel without the team managers seeming to lean on one side. When Hamilton says that FIA did not have to investigate the crash as it was normal the driver is just trying to be magnanimous but isn’t this the mark of a great sportsman or woman?

The Prognosis

Every great decade gets a great rivalry. Remember the tragic 1980s rivalry between Gilles Villeneuve vs. Didier Pironi, the 1990s battle pitting Alain Prost vs. Nigel Mansell and many others. It seems you are in for a great rivalry this year. Probably it might go down in history as the greatest of all.

As a fan watching it all as it unravels, it would be a golden moment that you would excitedly retell to your grandchildren. With established drivers like Felippe Massa feeling Rosberg caused the crash deliberately, you can bet you need that pack of popcorn to watch this unfolding drama.

With big influential races such as Monza, Singapore, Japanese (Suzuka) and Sao Paulo coming up, you can bet these two great drivers are going to give us much more thrill. And what is a grand prix if not the exhilarating thrill of man vs machine vs man?

Sit back and get ready for exciting times in Formula One starting with Monza all the way down to Abu Dhabi in November.
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